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Raised patio with glass panelled walls

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Our client wanted a raised dining area at the back of the house that would also serve as storage and shelter for items left underneath.

The glass panelled walls make for a nice feature, keeping the good looks of the house in view from the garden.  The use of glass instead of traditional timber ballastraids […]

Two Storey Extension


A fabulous two storey extension creating loads more room for a growing family.   Sometimes it is difficult to know if  you can ever achieve an extension which will look part of the original house, especially when the architecture is unique.  DS Developments managed to exceed the expectations of the client on this build, merging […]

Renovation Extension

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An amazing renovatation and extension by the sea, isn’t this everyones’ dream!  This family home, passed down through the generations, had multiple smaller extensions added over the years.  Whilst these extensions provided extra space they didnt open up the homes best asset – the view of the Firth of Forth.  DS Developments demolished the existing […]

Cottage Renovation

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A beautiful cottage renovation.

Our customer bought a run down cottage in a perfect location.  A few problems stood in the way of their perfect home.  It only contained 1 bedroom, it was too small and it required a complete overhaul to turn it from a run-down cottage into a home.  DS Developments managed the […]